A Dream Becomes Reality

The Pioneer

For us it began as a dream – to light up the faces, hearts and souls of our people through the magic and enchantment of fireworks. Our dream became reality in 1995 when, as pioneers in the pyrotechnic industry, we were the first to legally import and distribute an exciting range of consumer fireworks throughout Trinidad & Tobago, providing a new form of communal entertainment.


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Acknowledging Realities

The Responsibility

Acutely aware of our responsibility to upholding the law and to public safety, we work closely with our wholesalers and retailers, obtaining the necessary permits, paperwork and infrastructure before authorising them as FireOne Fireworks FX distributors and resellers.

Now, thanks to FireOne’s extensive distribution network, our consumer fireworks are available at a number of authorised outlets throughout Trinidad and Tobago and are exported across the Caribbean. So you can feel secure that what you by is tested and approved and safe once used in the correct manner.

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A Myriad of Magical Choices

The Selection

FireOne offers you over 2,000 different varieties of tested and approved consumer fireworks that span over 14 sub categories:

Assortments, Crackers, Fountains, Missiles, Multicakes, Mine & Shell Devices, Spinners & Wheels , Novelty, Reloadable Shells, Rockets, Roman Candles, Smoke Items and Sparklers… just to name a few.

You may purchase our fireworks from any authorised FireOne Fireworks FX reseller, at our mega-store in Macoya Road and by shopping online.

Unbelievable Service

The Commitment

Our Number One goal at FireOne Fireworks FX is customer satisfaction. We never want you to look elsewhere to fulfill your expectations, which is why no other company in the industry can match us for choice or for service. This is our commitment to you and every customer we serve. It is what keeps us striving keep you happy and satisfied that your individual needs have been met.

Equally committed to safety, FireOne is a charter member of the American Fireworks Standards Laboratory (AFSL), which operates the China Fireworks Quality Improvement Program, a testing program administered by an independent, internationally recognized testing laboratory.

In addition to screening by our manufacturers, we maintain AFSL as a third-party product testing laboratory for ensuring that the quality of our merchandise meets or exceeds all Consumer Product Safety Commission requirements. Products that pass the AFSL factory-level testing in China are then certified and shipped to FireOne, which means our products are tested twice before they reach your hands.